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Install Perfect Vision

The windscreen is an often overlooked part of a motor vehicle. A windscreen is more important than just a screen between you and other road users. Windscreens are an important component of a vehicle’s overall structural integrity; they are designed to add strength to the car. When designed in compliance with the car manufacturers original specifications, your windscreen will help to prevent the roof from crumpling in the event of an accident; also, motor vehicles fitted with airbags use the windscreen as a support surface against which the passenger airbag inflates. The windscreen helps to make sure that the airbag is properly positioned to protect the occupants in the front seats when it deploys. So for safety reasons alone it makes sense to look after your windscreen.

To protect your windscreen from weakening, installing automotive window film helps to strengthen your window glass and will help to stop damage from chips and cracks spreading by holding the integrity of the glass together. If you have a chip or small crack and you wait too long, the damage will have time to spread and windscreen repair will no longer be an option. Remember that just because a windscreen is chipped doesn’t mean that it needs to be totally replaced. A windscreen can be easily and effectively repaired before the damage worsens and automotive window film helps to delay extra damage.

A damaged wind screen will present the following dangers:

  • Drivers may take longer to get their vision back after exposure to the stray light effects created through a worn windscreen
  • detecting distances to objects in the road ahead may be reduced when looking through worn or damaged windscreens
  • driving with a visually damaged windscreen produces tiredness and performance will decline more rapidly than when driving with a perfect windscreen

The installation of car window film will also cut down glare from the sun and oncoming lights at night. A perfect vision is important when travelling.